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Chapter 6 Diet

The Diabetic Diet ^ Cookbooks

^ Basic Nutrition for People with Diabetes ^ Guidelines for Healthier Eating ^ Exchange Lists: General Principles and Specifics

Starch/Bread Meat Vegetables Fruits Milk Combination Foods

Free Foods Fat

Occasional Use Foods

^ Special Management Tips:

Alcohol Eating Out Fast Food

4 Exercise and Exchanges P. A Sample Diet

Diet is a vital component in your overall diabetes control program. Your diabetes educator, dietitian, and doctor will develop a personal meal plan to help you attain appropriate blood sugar (glucose) and blood fat (cholesterol and triglyceride) levels.

If you have non-insulin dependent diabetes, sticking to your meal plan helps you achieve and maintain your correct weight, and balances the foods you eat with the insulin your body produces.

If you have insulin dependent diabetes, you must stick to your meal plan to insure a balance between injected insulin and the foods you eat.

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