Sweet and Savory Sauce

Vi cup pears (diced)

Vi cup apples (diced)

Vi cup oranges (diced)

V* cup onions (diced)

V* cup radishes (diced)

2 tablespoons ginger paste

2 tablespoons sesame seed

Vi cup plus 3 tablespoons water, divided

3 ounces sake 1 tablespoon agave nectar Vi tablespoon sesame oil 1 Vi teaspoons mushroom powder Vi tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 tablespoon potato powder

1 Combine diced pears, apples, oranges, onions, radishes, ginger paste, sesame seeds, and V2 cup water in a mixer. Mix on low speed until mixture blended.

2 Place mixture into a pot. Add sake, agave nectar, sesame oil, mushroom powder, soy sauce, and black pepper.

3 In a separate bowl, mix potato powder with 3 tablespoons water. Add the potato powder mixture to the pot. Let the sauce simmer for 5 minutes over low flame, stirring continuously.

Per serving: Kcalories 128 (Calories from Fat 47); Fat 5g (Saturated 1g); Cholesterol 10mg; Sodium 61mg; Carbohydrate 19g (Dietary Fiber 4g); Protein 4g.

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