Metabolic Consequences Of Obesity Why Does It Predispose To

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Much work has been done in recent years to understand the links between physical inactivity, obesity, and the development of T2DM. Still no clear, unifying hypothesis has been able to encompass the complex web of metabolic and molecular defects that accompany T2DM. However, much has been learned on how dysfunctional adipose tissue in obesity impairs glucose homeostasis in humans, which can be separated conceptually in two major mechanisms: (a) dysfunctional fat viewed as an "endocrine organ," actively involved in releasing a number of cytokines that promote systemic inflammation that cause/promote muscle/liver insulin resistance, and (b) abnormal dysfunctional fat causing "lipo-toxicity," where sick insulin-resistant adipocytes cause ectopic fat deposition in skeletal muscle, liver, and pancreatic P-cells, with devastating effects for glucose homeostasis.

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5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Baby Fat

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Baby Fat

Many women who have recently given birth are always interested in attempting to lose some of that extra weight that traditionally accompanies having a baby. What many of these women do not entirely realize is the fact that breast-feeding can not only help provide the baby with essential vitamins and nutrients, but can also help in the weight-loss process.

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