Family Involvement In The Diabetes Management Of A Schoolaged Child

One area of importance for families and health care providers concerns issues of transferring diabetes care responsibilities from the parent to the child59. The expanding skills and increased cognitive abilities of the elementary school child make it seem reasonable to transfer more and more daily diabetes care responsibilities. However, there is a growing consensus among recent empirical studies that children and adolescents given greater responsibility for their diabetic management make more mistakes in their self-care, are less adherent and are in poorer metabolic control than those whose parents are more involved60-65. Studies using diabetes-specific instruments have consistently found that older children assuming greater responsibility for the tasks of the treatment regimen are in poorer metabolic control than those who assumed less responsibility62'66 - 68.

In her important review of the empirical literature on family responsibility sharing in diabetes, Follansbee69 concluded: 'Cumulatively, these studies yield important information about the role of parent-child interaction in influencing youngsters' assumption of diabetes management. It seems that interdependence, rather than independence, is a worthwhile goal' (p. 350)69.

From these studies, it has become increasingly clear that parental involvement in diabetes management is required throughout the school-age developmental period. Each family needs to negotiate its own acceptable pattern of parent-child teamwork, based on factors such as child temperament and parent availability. By identifying shared responsibility rather than child independence as the expectation for school-age children with diabetes, the health care team can help make parent involvement seem less inappropriate to the child or family. It is imperative that the family hears a clear message that diabetes management tasks must be protected from the child's normal drive to achieve independent mastery.

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