Your role

♦ To take control of your diabetes on a day-to-day basis. This will be easier the more you know about your diabetes.

♦ Learn about and practise self-care. This includes monitoring glucose levels and how to change your treatment according to the results.

♦ To examine your feet regularly.

♦ Follow good lifestyle practices: these include choosing the right food, weight control, regular physical activity, and not smoking.

♦ Know when to contact your health care team urgently, including for emergencies.

♦ Regularly talk with your health care team about questions and concerns you may have.

♦ Ask questions—and repeat them if you are still unclear. Prepare your questions beforehand.

♦ Speak to your health care team, other people with diabetes, and your local or national Diabetes Association and read the pamphlets and books about diabetes provided by your health care team or diabetes association. Make sure your family and friends know about the needs of your diabetes.

If you feel that adequate facilities and care are not available to help you look after your diabetes then contact your local or national Diabetes Association.

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