Puberty, with its changing hormonal balance and metabolic demands, is usually a time when insulin dose increases and when blood glucose balance may become erratic. Menstruation can cause cyclical hyperglycaemia (sometimes hypoglycaemia). Do not increase the insulin so much that the young person needs to eat more and becomes overweight. However, food intake usually increases around puberty. Diabetic girls who have started to menstruate must be told about sexual intercourse, the possibility of pregnancy, and the need for family planning in diabetes. With the recent AIDS prevention campaigns, and ready availability of condoms in shops, sexual ignorance is less common than before. An unsuspected pregnancy can precipitate diabetic ketoacidosis and it is particularly important to avoid unwanted pregnancy in diabetic girls.

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

All you need is a proper diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and get plenty of exercise and you'll be fine. Ever heard those words from your doctor? If that's all heshe recommends then you're missing out an important ingredient for health that he's not telling you. Fact is that you can adhere to the strictest diet, watch everything you eat and get the exercise of amarathon runner and still come down with diabetic complications. Diet, exercise and standard drug treatments simply aren't enough to help keep your diabetes under control.

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