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If they cannot feel pain, even those who can see or smell a problem may not treat it with the seriousness it deserves: 'If it doesn't hurt it can't be too bad'. 'It can't be happening to me.' Those who are aware of the seriousness may be so frightened of losing their foot or leg that they conceal the problems. Partially sighted patients may not be able to see trouble developing on their feet.

Marion was a 60-year-old woman with long-standing Type 1 diabetes. She attended diabetic clinic between annual reviews. 'Are your feet all right?' asked the doctor. 'Yes, thank you,' she replied. Three weeks later she was admitted with infected gangrene of her toe. At that point she confessed that she had gangrene at the time of her clinic visit but had been so terrified of being admitted to hospital that she had lied to her doctor. The infection spread, despite vigorous antibiotic and other treatment. Her leg was amputated. She developed a chest infection. Her condition deteriorated and she finally died from a massive myocardial infarct after many months as an in-patient.

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