Factors affecting insulin absorption

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These are myriad and tend to be forgotten when the patient and diabetes adviser are poring over the blood glucose diary. The size of the insulin depot and the amount of fat surrounding the depot affects absorption. The rate of entry into the blood stream is determined by the circulation through and from the injection site. Thus cold or other stimuli causing vasoconstriction such as nicotine or drugs will reduce absorption, as will shock from whatever cause. Heat will increase absorption as will increased blood flow to an exercising muscle under the injection site. Human insulin may be absorbed more rapidly than porcine insulin.

A student came home and put his supper on to cook. He injected his insulin then had a warm bath. He was found in the water unconscious from hypoglycaemia. Fortunately his head had not submerged.

The amount of insulin cleared within 24 hours from an injection site can vary from 20 to 100 per cent from person to person and within the same person. With such considerable variability in insulin absorption added to the effects of food, exercise, and emotion, the mystery is not why the blood glucose balance is so variable, but why it is possible to control it at all!

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