Glucose testing meter (See MIMS for current list). The equipment must be calibrated correctly and well-maintained. Staff using it must be trained properly (the manufacturer will usually arrange this). If your local hospital runs a quality assurance scheme take part in it. Otherwise the manufacturer may be able to help with standard samples.

Sphygmomanometer A normal-sized and a large (thigh) cuff are needed.

Monofilaments For testing touch sensation. (Bailey Instruments 0161 860 5849; Smith and Nephew 01623 722337.)

Tuning fork for testing vibration sensation (C0 pitch).

Snellen chart 3 m or 6 m. Put this at a measured distance and make sure it is well-lit. Obtain a 'pin-hole on a stick' or make one.

Ophthalmoscope (If a team member has received appropriate training.) Working, with batteries, bulb, and a clean lens.

Tropicamide 0.5 or 1.0 per cent eye drops.

Urine testing kit Ketones; microalbumin and albumin.

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