Treatment for Comorbid Anxiety and Diabetes

While very few empirical studies have evaluated efficacy of treatment for anxiety among adults with DM1, one case study has demonstrated that cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) may be useful, suggesting that CBT may be as effective for this population as for others (55). Since anxiety greatly affects quality of life, since studies utilizing interview assessment of anxiety indicate that it interferes with medical outcomes for those with DM1 (54), and since diabetes-specific anxiety and hypoglycemic fear may interfere with glycemic control, interventions to treat anxiety among those with DM1 are greatly needed (50,51).

Despite the fewer studies regarding treatment of anxiety among those with DM1 compared to the literature addressing depression, the existing evidence suggests that clinicians should have a high suspicion for anxiety among adults with DM1. In addition, the potential detriment regarding metabolic outcomes suggests that therapies to ameliorate anxiety are imperative.

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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