Fig. 6.1 Assessment and investigation for type A and type B insulin resistance syndrome. SHBG = sexhormone binding globulin.

HbAlc values.5 Improvement of acanthosis nigricans was observed in some patients. Recombinant IGF-1 (100 ^g/kg twice daily) given subcutaneously to several patients with type A syndrome was associated with improvements in glycaemic control and insulin resistance.6


11—-J Severe IRS should be suspected in all patients with intractable hyperglycaemia despite taking large amounts of insulin (>200 units/day). A thorough history and clinical examination may reveal underlying phenotypes of severe IRS (Figure 6.1). A high serum titre of IgG anti-insulin antibody and/or anti-insulin-receptor antibody may suggest immune causes of IRS. Treatment with immunosuppressive agents (such as rituximab, prednisolone or cyclophosphamide) or human recombinant IGF-1 may be justified as a therapeutic trial in patients with intractable hyperglycaemia.

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